Digital Humanities

Examples of completed DH projects I have worked on with educators, students, and community-based organizations.

Filipinos in Hawai'i

  • features: documentary photography, alternate galleries, historical timeline, reading list
  • sponsors: Hawaii Council for the Humanities, Filipino American Historical Society of Hawai'i
  • collaborators: Roderick N. Labrador, David A.M. Goldberg

A Century of Challenge and Change: The Filipino American Story

  • features: guide and lesson plans for middle-school, standards-based curricula
  • sponsors: Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center
  • collaborators: Patricia Espiritu Halagao, David A.M. Goldberg

Worlds in Collision

  • features: a timeline of Filipino American art history with 31 entries
  • sponsors: University of San Francisco
  • collaborators: Carlos Villa