The Rudiments of Conversation, Vol. 6

Bobby Banduria
The Rudiments of Conversation, Vol. 6
Jeepney Dash Records


01 Hello (My Name is Bobby)
02 Juan Tamad
03 Let Go My Jewels
04 Chin Droplets
05 Strong (Rehearsal at Bindlestiff)


Bobby Banduria: laud and vocals; Fernando Funk: bass, vocals (2), and flute (1); Bong Agung: drums, percussion, and loops; G: violin and vocals; and Dr. Boogie Nights: keyboards and loops, vocals (4).


Engineered by Brandon Bigelow at Brown Eyes Productions except for Strong, recorded by Ogie Gonzales. All songs arranged by the band. Produced by Bobby Banduria. All music Bobby Banduria © 2001. All rights reserved.